#LegsAndTie at Beast Restaurant

Beast Restaurant

To have access to and to be able to eat in good restaurants is one thing, to know the chef is another, and to actually consider them friends and colleagues is perhaps one of my greatest joys in life. Especially if they are as talented as visionary Scott Vivian of Beast Restaurant. I have known Scott for over 3 years, and the man continues to innovate and amaze.

Chef Scott Vivian

I am happiest hanging out in the kitchens of Toronto, so when I was approached by Yorkshire Valley Farms to pair with a chef and create a dish with their organic chicken, I was ecstatic at the opportunity. Instantly a few names came to my mind for my wish list of who to work with, and I am glad that it worked out as it did. Any chance to eat at Scott and his wife Rachelle’s restaurant, Beast, makes me (and my lucky friends) very happy.


The program was called #LegsandTie and was created to show people the things that they can do with chicken legs, which happens to be my favourite. I was asked to invite 9 friends to Beast to sample our dish, of course along with some of Scott’s other food, and it just happened to be half price wine night (every Wednesday), so my friends were all totally stoked!

Have you tried YVF Organic before? Here is what they say about themselves:

At Yorkshire Valley Farms we raise your food the way nature intended.  Our organic, free range chickens are fed only the finest certified organic grains, with no antibiotics, hormones or animal bi-products added. We raise our chickens on certified organic farms in Ontario in the most natural and healthy environment possible, open to sunlight and fresh air.  Processing is done to exacting standards in an organically certified facility. By taking the best of what nature gives us, we provide you with a wholesome, delicious chicken that we can all feel good about, for our families and the world we live in.

Sounds good to me, what about you? That is a product I don’t mind serving at my table to my friends and family.

Oh, I should probably tell you about the food, shouldn’t I? Well, the dish that Scott and I came up with was a big hit, along with the 9 (yes 9) other courses we had that night. I highly suggest you book a table at Beast, and let Scott cook for you. 9 courses for $45 can’t be beat!

A nice simple smoked trout is a great start to any meal, followed by one of my favourite dishes of the evening, a simple buratta. The next course couldn’t be beat, for good old meat butter, aka bone marrow, took over the table. Then came the chicken dish; a smoked braised chicken, dirty ranch with fish lump roe, favas and foie, pickled celery, perslaine salad and crispy chicken skin.

Chicken Dish

As for the chicken, it is nice to have an option in regular grocery stores to purchase clean and affordable meat. I like the YVF product, and it was nice to have an opportunity to work with these guys. They are very connected to events in Toronto, so get out and support the 8 farmers that make up this collective. Cheers!

Joel Solish

Guest post by Joel Solish, @Foodie411.

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